Wuhan Training Center

The Wuhan University of Technology - Skaugen Trading & Consulting Co. Ltd. focus on dangerous cargo and maritime english training for Chinese seafarers.

WSTC is a joint venture company established by Wuhan University of Technology and I. M. Skaugen SE, in March 1998. WSTC trains seafarers in handling and transportation of dangerous cargo including chemicals, LPG and oil products. The Maritime Safety Administration accredits all of these courses. WSTC also offers vessel maintenance and various ship owner courses as well as Seamaster English courses which are specially designed for Chinese seafarers.

We have customers from inside-and-outside of the country, big maritime companies in China and foreign companies have been training their seafarers at our training center, like MAERSK, ER ,HOSCO, PCL, CSM etc. Since 1998, WSTC has trained over 22,000 seafarers, and approximately 70% of whom are working on foreign vessels.

WSTC is committed to high-quality, high-standards and high-efficiency. In order to control the quality of the training process, WSTC has established a strict quality management system and adopted an advanced management pattern from Northern Europe. In March 2002, WSTC obtained the ISO 9001:2000 audit by DNV. In October 2003, WSTC registered as an independent legal entity. It was the first joint venture professional and commercial training institution in China. WSTC looks forward to cooperating with all organizations, institutions, and individuals to help Chinese seafarers enter the international shipping labor market

Contact Us:
688 You Yi Da Dao Wuchang
Yu Jia Tou Campus (South)
Wuhan University of Technology
Wuhan 430063 China
Phone: +86 (27) 86581288
Fax: +86 (27) 86581166
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For complete list of courses please visit the website http://en.wstc.com.cn