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Alarga Scholarship

I.M. Skaugen has also given scholarships for aiding educational purposes.

Center for Chinese Business is under the development phase, and details in the cooperation are to be discussed and decided before the signing of the Agreement later this year. The center will be financed by grants from leading Norwegian companies. I.M. Skaugen is the first, and the scholarship has intention to start from 1 January 2009, with five years duration. This is a part of the effort to make Norway as the Global Maritime Hub launched in June 2008 by the Oslo Maritime Network.

I.M. Skaugen through the Alarga scholarship directly supports one candidate with foreign background to accomplish a two years Master degree.

Alarga is an organization helping Norwegian companies to improve competitiveness through the recruitment of prominent Master degree students with family background from East-Europe, Asia, Africa, South-and Central America. When it first started last year, seven scholarships were distributed, this year there were 10 scholarships given.

More information on www.alarga.org (in Norwegian).

John Gundersen Scholarship has been given to candidate to acquire maritime education.