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Core Business - Norgas

I.M. Skaugen’s core business is the seaborne transport and logistics of liquified gases, such as petrochemical gases, LPG and LNG.

Norgas Carriers Private Limited (Norgas) is a leading integrated shipping company involved in the global transportation of petrochemical gases, LPG, chemicals and LNG. Through our offices located in Singapore, Oslo and Houston, we provide leading edge transportation solutions to our customers who are major players in the petrochemical- and energy industries.


Norgas is currently operating a fleet of 15 advanced gas carriers, in sizes from 6 000 m³ to 12 000 m³. In the Norgas fleet there are 6 vessels that have the capability to transport LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) in addition to petrochemical gases and LPG. All vessels are equipped with advanced cargo handling system enabling them to safely and efficiently change between cargoes transported.